12 Steps

12 steps

We are encouraging everyone to follow the 12 Steps to Mars which can be found below. These will enable the Echelon to work together and bring awareness to Thirty Seconds to Mars and the new album This Is War.



1. Tell 10 people OFFLINE about the band who have never heard of us before. Let us know what they think.

2. Tell 10 people ONLINE about the band who have never heard of us before. Let us know what they think.

3. Send 10 people a link to K+Q who have never heard it. Stream it or embed it on any of your personal social networking sites.

4. Share the DRAGON AGE trailer with everyone you know. Host it on your social networking site, post it on video game blogs, music blogs, forums for similar bands, etc.

5. Hand out THIS IS WAR stickers, flyers, window clings.

6. Stencil busy areas, sidewalks and streets with the pyramid symbol. Look for high-traffic areas.

7. Call, text and email your local radio station. Get your family and friends to as well. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!

8. Spread the word and place links to content, songs, trailers etc in other band message boards, comments sections of articles about similar bands, as well as the comments sections of friends and bands social networking sites.

9.Tell everyone you know about the pre-order on MusicToday that includes an exclusive live chat with the band day of release.

10. Make your status on your social net site Thirty Seconds to Mars related (aim, twitter, bb, etc) i.e. “THIS IS WAR”

11. Share pics and your reviews of shows post it to FB Notes or MySpace Blog. Tag your friends!

12. Add links to K+Q and Teasers on comments sections to Dragon Age Video/Reviews on g4tv.comgametrailers.comgamespot.comign.com


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