A Beautiful Lie By @30secondstomars Video Making of…

Jared Leto and director Elliott Lester have seemingly figured out how to transform music videos into event for Leto’s band 30 Seconds To Mars.

Elliott Lester, co-director: Jared had the original concept. He wanted to go see the part of the world that’s really being affected by global warming. Where you could see those glaciers melt and all that natural beauty literally disappear into the sea. The effects are very noticeable up there, unfortunately.

It took six months to get off the ground since most production companies didn’t want to take on the liability and passed on the project. After we got involved, I spent a month there for pre-production and shooting. Flew from L.A. to Baltimore to Greenland and then took a helicopter to these glaciers about 200 kilometers into the Arctic Circle. We had a tiny crew. You could never do something like this in such a remote place with 35mm and Technocrane. That said, we did have a renegade paparazzo that got on a helicopter somehow. We threatened to leave him on the iceberg.


The Inuit man you see in the intro lived in the village near where we shot. He’s the real deal —a fisherman hunting whales and seals there his whole life. Most of the Inuit were quite shy, so it was hard to get somebody to come out in traditional garb and be on camera.

Of course we were very careful to carbon offset whatever our production caused and all the money from the track is going to charity. I can’t speak for Jared, of course, but I think this was his way of making a contribution to the environmental cause by making sure 30 Seconds To Mars fans knew what was going on.

Tomo: ” We just want to let people know that          

LOOK this is what is here.

It is  one of the best things we have ever seen

in our lives.

Let’s try to preserve it.”

     Shannon: ” It’s an important reminder that we co-exist with                                   nature. That we share this space on this earth and

we have to respect each other.

For so many years we have been consuming consuming                       consuming. taking taking taking that we kinda change a whole

way of thinking now.”

    Jared: ” What we wanna do is: set up a website

http://www.abeautifullie.org  – WEBSITE

@ablorg – TWITTER

http://ablorg.tumblr.com/  – BLOG

that provide easy and instant access to anyone who want to get

involve, who want it to get in action, who want to learn like we did about some of the responsibilities that we all have and some of the ways we can participate in a solution rather than just being part of the problem.”

30 Seconds To Mars
“A Beautiful Lie” (Virgin) 

Angakok Panipaq & Elliott Lester, directors | Yamani Watkins and Edy Enriquez, producers | Karma Kollective, production co | Casper Tuxen, DP | Richard Alacron, editor

Credits: nbm2249  -vimeo vid upload

30 seconds to mars – Vevo vid

video static – Co director interview


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