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Back in time …  January 4th 2011 Jared Leto posted on his blog:

“Yes, as some of you have figured out I am indeed in HAITI. Years have passed and I’ve finally returned to this magical land. It’s been an intense and sobering adventure so far. I will be sending information as I journey so stay tuned…”

the very same day he continued posting more pictures of his journey there …

Spent unforgettable time at some camps yesterday. Met with amazing people from Sean Penn’s group J/P HRO

With Yuri from israAID who is helping us navigate Léogâne.

“The good folks at WEADVANCE.ORG have been helping us out and thankfully were our unofficial guides for that first day. ”

then … he continued with the updates !!!!!


And also check out this interesting group… GLOBALDIRT.ORG @GLOBALDIRT

” HAITI UPDATE: What a day it has been. We spent most of it in a place called Leagone which is close to an hour outside of Port Au Prince and the town hit hardest by the quake. It was a remarkable trip. Unforgettable and informative. In addition to filming the trip I am shooting photographs for an upcoming book that I am releasing to raise much needed money for Haiti. On top of a detailed written account of this experience and the recollections of the time I spent here as kid the first two photographs I shot are a good example of what will be in the book. It will not only look at the devastating tragedy of last january but will celebrate the beauty and possibilities of this country and its people.”

The following day …  January 5th 2011.

HAITI UPDATE: Spent the first half of the day in Cité Soleil. Came across a baby whose face and body had been very badly burned and had infection. We took her and her mother to the hospital (Medishare – UofMiami) with the help of Nicole from@globaldirt and Billy.


Exclusive book of photos taken by Jared Leto during his trip to HAITI

100% profits will go to charities to assist those affected by the quake.

“I’m very glad I decided to take this time and go. Although there was a lot of tragedy everywhere, I’m happy that I was able to reconnect with this beautiful place,” he told Kerrang Magazine

here is the official 30 Seconds to Mars store ! you can pre- ordered your book there…

http://30secondstomars.shop.musictoday.com/Product.aspx?pc=30AM39 Music Today

Then  MTV Canada posted it the following :


in Jared  words…

Haiti Lives :


An entire year has passed since that devastating quake struck and shattered the lives of so many innocent people.

A lot has been done, many lives saved, children and families sheltered, but I can tell you first hand that there is much left to do, so many to help, and millions that are in desperate need.

My recent trip was nothing short of mindblowing. The challenges facing this beautiful and broken country are beyond enormous. Haiti is buried in its past, figuratively and literally, but with the assistance of its friends, neighbors, and most importantly itself, it will rise above the ashes of its unfair history and one day, race toward the brightest of futures.

It’s impossible not to feel that spirit, that culture, that humanity everywhere you go there. From a smile, a handshake, a laugh, the food, the dance, the art, the people, their struggle, their resilience, their passion, to their their celebration of life even in the face of the most traumatic incidents a nation has ever experienced there is a magic there alive and well.

Let’s support and celebrate our brothers and sisters in Haiti today with kind thoughts, words, art, spirit, time, and donations.

To purchase the large format limited edition book featuring photographs of my journey, click this link. A select number will be signed and numbered. One hundred percent of profits will benefit Haiti.

Purchase book HERE.


Be kind and help … BUY YOUR BOOK NOW!!!!!!


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