Hamburg, Germany – Trabrennbahn Bahrenfeld [8-23-11] #MARS

Keep rolling Closer to the Edge today still in Germany here some few pics & vids of the gig!!

The Kill

some other vids…

Some other pics from an early interview!!


More updates later !!!!!!!!!

As I said here is the continuing update of that show!!!!!!!!

n-joy review <— Link!


” Rubber dolls and Fanaufläufe on stage: 30 Seconds to Mars on Tuesday played on the harness racing track in Hamburg, a sold-out concert before 15,000 people – not everyone was thrilled

The singer Jared Leto has great claims, he makes his audience quickly becomes clear: “I want this to be the best fucking night in your entire lives!” Whether it is indeed a great night was debatable, however. As for 30 Seconds to Mars, but there are no gray areas.

The hardcore fans in the front rows, mostly female, screaming even before the appearance of the band, as Leto shows up in the music video for the song “Hurricane” on the screen. The joy is of course much greater than with the singer and actor himself in sunglasses and a wind blowing Poncho enters the stage.

Leto looks like a superhero secure victory. He is armed with a guitar, but he hardly used. Still, he knows he is in the limelight and set makes the stage show to what is the music: emotionally and pompous. Music videos and lyrics on screens, but also commands are shown “jumping” is published in various languages. The screens give the performance dynamics. Actually, the images seem even a bit more dynamic than the band itself

Weak sound, poor visibility

Further back, the fans often try in vain to identify some of the action on stage. All well and good that there are the screens, but by the band you see, unfortunately, very little. In addition, a further problem: The sound is weak, so you have even before the stage difficulties to understand the announcements of the band, if the people standing around talking. Nevertheless celebretes properly. Partly painted black and adorned with colorful glow sticks, the fans sing as loudly and passionately, as it is very rare. Both young and older people are. The choir is impressive, although the singer himself hardly helps.

Rubber dolls for the fans

Then the band agrees, “This Is War” on. Here too busy singing along. Suddenly a murmur goes through the crowd: dozens of rubber dolls fly into the audience, most of them disappear quickly into the crowd.

A fan in front of the stage will take the opportunity and Jared admits his love. “I love you, too. I love you all,” says the singer. And since Germany Jared really likes and wants to learn some German, he can be of two fans on stage to teach bad words in the language.

Confetti for the fans

Leto completes a part of the concert in an acoustic one-man show. Alone with his guitar and the vocal support of the audience, he plays several songs, including “Hurricane”. Then again, the band also increases. “Closer To The Edge” all excited and ground his fists into the air to stimulate a resounding “No, no, no, no!” leave. There is also a big load of white confetti that blows away majestically over the audience and big red balls that are played on by the viewers. The Leto brothers band and their audience to heat up properly. Shall ask Jared to his fans on each other to raise the shoulders. At its required number of 200 shoulder-seaters are the hamburgers but not approach.

After only one hour and two encores, playing time is closing. Before it comes to the grand finale, the band still makes a short video from the public memory. Jared then selects from a few lucky fans who can perform on stage with the band “Kings and Queens”. The elect do neat atmosphere, waving their banners and singing with a full-throated, it’s raining again streamers.


While many viewers are very excited to make another long faces. For them, the live performance of the band was rather weak. You have missed the voice of front man who has not a single song durchgesungen completely, but the audience had to take that job and barely even played guitar. After about two years of almost uninterrupted tour, the band has very experienced, but also a bit tired.

The live performance was unfortunately not meet the expectations that they are put in such a known quantity. The season was too short, the visibility and the volume must be criticized. Spectacular it was not much – the music videos were more interesting to look at as part of the artists live and on the rubber doll action gave it mixed reception. Leto can sing better that the audience, I personally do not find bad, because the public should also participate in concerts to be so animated. The band has won over the majority.”




Interview …


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