Reading, UK – Reading Festival [8-26-11] #MARS

Today big day for 30 Seconds to Mars and a historic apperance during reading festival in the UK!

Very exciting about it!! 🙂


(Credits: @UK_echelon, Steelglass, Mandolines & all echelon army )

REVIEW BY Virtual Festivals <— link

United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Matt Miles | 26 August 2011

30 Seconds To Mars at Reading Festival 2011 – review. We want your reviews too!  


Jared Leto and 30 Seconds To Mars take to the stage with an effortless charisma and presence, one afforded only to a band with an ex-actor turned rock star at the helm.

It may well be a farewell performance of sorts too, the crowd eagerly awaiting the American group with reports rife that this may be their last show in the British Isles for some time.

They don’t disappoint either, easing through their cannon of anthemic stadium rock hits, built for moments like these. They do fall flat on some, the almost karaoke feel to ‘Night Of The Hunter’ with muted vocals and skipped high notes. They finish big though bringing scores of fans onstage to help sing ‘Kings And Queens’ in an impressive and almost salvaging finale.

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Kings & Queens @ Reading Festival  <– Click to watch it!

(Credits: NeZaYa)

Here some more pics of the day!

     <–Stud Jacket by Lina Osterman my favorite! 😉

upload link of read festival –>     read festival downlad link (via /@KristineLiv)





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