Beijing, China – Black Rabbit Festival [9-17-11] #MARS

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Article – Pre show!

Black Rabbit Festival

by Rob Wallace
on Friday, September 09, 2011

Cell phones ringing off the hook, a large Scottish man on the verge of gauging his eyes out, and stacks of bunny masks piled meters high. This was the scene I was confronted with last week when I walked into the office of Split Works, Shanghai’s top music promotion company, to discover more about their largest project yet.

On Sunday, September 18th, over two years of strenuous work will finally pay off as Split Works graces Shanghai with an unprecedented international line-up at their Black Rabbit music festival. In order to complete such a monumental task, Split Works abandoned their indie boutique mentality and teamed up with big time partners and sponsors such as Oppo and the NBA. With their powers combined, they will host a 15,000+ people concert hosting big name acts ranging from Taiwanese megastar Hebe to hip-hop legend Ludacris.

While it might be both exhilarating and enjoyable, putting together a music festival from scratch (especially in China) is more meticulous than one could imagine. It took over a year for all the parties involved to agree on the Black Rabbit title and another six months to find a logo that was both rad yet lovable. The media campaign, which was planned to be rolled out over a two-month period, also had to be condensed to a mere two weeks as they waited for separate permits from the Ministry of Culture (who read over every lyric from every artist) and the Public Security Bureau.

This badass bunny will be making its home at Shanghai Rugby Club, which is just a simple 11-stop hop up line 6 from Century Avenue. This 70,000 square meter rugby pitch will be filled with four stages, an all encompassing creative market, and even an NBA Street Zone where concertgoers can shoot hoops and enjoy the vibe of a 1970’s Bronx block party as they listen to the likes of rapper Saigon.

In constructing the lineup of their biggest festival to date, Split Works wanted to offer something for everyone. However, famous acts like 30 Seconds to Mars (whose lead singer is also actor Jared Leto) and Grandmaster Flash do not come on the cheap. Even though tickets are priced at RMB260 in advance ( and RMB350 at the door, Split’s Media Manager Abby Lavin wants everyone to know that they will be lucky to make a single yuan back in profit.

From day one, the goal has been clear. In the words of Abby herself, “instead of a mediocre two or three day concert, we are working our hardest to do a f*cking amazing one day festival”. With an attitude like that, there will be no need for magic to ensure Black Rabbit is a success.


OFFICIAL Black Rabbit Festival posters




People getting excited pre- show!


Behind the scenario !!


During the Festival Interview!

Finally  some pics from the show!!!!!!



Some more pics added !!




Alibi acoustic – Black Rabbit Festival link   << Thank you to

YOKU LINK – From Yesterday & Hurricane Acoustic set << CLICK

yoku Link – THIS IS WAR   << CLICK

Yoku Link – Escape, Beautiful Lie, Attack   << CLICK

YouKu Link – Kings & Queens  << CLICK  ( No people on stage during the last  song 😦  *manager might said something to Jared … u can tell by the vid )

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