@30Secondstomars – Palacio de los Deportes – Mexico [10-22-11]

Today Mars played in Mexico City at Palacio de los Deportes for EXA 3D CONCERT …

we all have the stream link to see them live, but at the end was impossible to see them through the net for one reason or another … (not mention who to blame 😉 )

here are some pics from the previous interview the band offered to mtv guik on air next friday !!


(credits: on the pics)

The radio host said earlier that Mars were very excited to play there.. probably Mariachis singing KINGS AND QUEEN SONG… We will know later..

here are some other pics EMI MEXICO TWEETED ..


Some other pics EXA tweeted as well during the gig …


last but not least … some random pic …



(credits: damnits30stm.tumblr, steelnglass,mandolines,Melysa,Diego )


Closer to the edge vid during EXA3D concert!

here the last pics of the event thank you to RADIO EXA 104.9 fm


30 Seconds To Mars EXA 3D concert Link  << leave comments there!!

Mariachi with the band!!


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