Riga,Latvia – Riga Arena [11-02-11] #MARS

Mars just got back to the Closer to the edge tour 2011. The band continuing playing around the world …

During November they are back to play and here are the last updates … seems like Tim is back as well with the band after few dates MARS played in Mexico with the multitalented Chelsea band member of CB7 🙂


LOTS of pictures 🙂

some vids … !!

Did he really will bring the MARSHAWK BACK … ?!?!?!


“Carmina Burana”
“Night of the Hunter”
“This Is War”
“A Beautiful Lie”
“Search and Destroy”
“Vox Populi”
“The Story”/ “From Yesterday”
“Closer to the Edge”
“Kings and Queens”

(Credits: shefightsthefairies, Balina13, tothemarsandback,mandolinaes )

Few more pics here >>>> THANK YOU TO delfi – kultura LINK <<<<<<


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  1. Thank you for the RT! 🙂

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