@jaredleto IceBreaker Coca-Cola TV Commerciall!

IceBreaker – The MAKE

A state of the art COKE commercial titled ICEBREAKER produced by Ogilvy & Mather Australia for an International market. A two minute version showed in movie theatres before films as well as on Television worldwide (except in the US).

Starring KRYSTEE CLARK, JARED LETO and DIEGO SERRANO. They were joined by Team ROLLERBLADE and learned intricate choreography on wheels (Oliver, of Madonna fame was dance captain). None of them had ever danced on skates before!

Notice the morphing effect and the awesome stunts… very cutting edge for the time. And they licensed the now classic track “Everybody’s Free” before most folks had ever heard of it!

Remember when commercials had this kind of budget?

Shot in an actual school in Sydney, Australia and during night shoots on New York Street at Universal Studios, California.

Directed by Peter Israelson.

20 years ago today: tmblr.co/ZpygmxKbmXho

For shameless promotional use only by: KRYSTEE.com

Thank you for sharing in my incredible Adventures 😉




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