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A few days ago, we posted a video of the interview of Shannon Leto and Antoine Becks made by TALK TO ME Project. Rolling Stone Russia was there too and transcribed a part of the video. We left to you the english translation of this interesting interview and the original video. Enjoy it muddafuggaz!

Shannon Leto briefly left the place at the drums in the band 30 Seconds To Mars, so that, he can play with Antoine Becks at European clubs. Their new dance project Shannon Leto & Antoine Becks is a mix of electronic music and live drums. RS has met with the musicians in Kiev to discuss the message of the aliens, the blood of virgins, and the sacrifices of the music.Shannon, in this solo project, you plat the  role of  the front man. Are you read to be a leader?Shannon Leto: Well, I would not say that I’m the front man. We’re both front men. But I understand what you mean. I sat myself on the drums in the 30 Seconds to Mars – and suddenly I was in the spotlight. This is so exciting! But generally it’s cool – to interact with people and watch their reactions. I just enjoy it – come what may!

You once said that for the sake of music, you often have to sacrifice. What, for example?

Shannon Leto: Hard work can deprive you of such things as a party with friends and travel on vacation. The main thing is that I can not dissect the Mediterranean waves on a small white boat – maybe this is the main victim.

Many of your fans are convinced that you look so good because you drink the blood of virgins. Is it really?

Shannon Leto: I’m trying to do something with the looks, I swear!  That’s why I grew a beard, I do not know what else to think of this. I probably like that dude Benjamin Button. In fact I eat well, sleep well and do not drink an ounce of alcohol. And blood – yes, it happens. However, I like it only warm.

And what it tastes like?

Shannon Leto: Sweet. Usually, all it seems that the blood is salty, but I really like the taste. It is a really fills me with vitality.

Antoine Becks: There is nothing better than to start the day with a big glass of blood! Then you come out of the house, and you’re ready to fight in this world! This is an excellent diet.

What posters were hung in your room when you were teenagers?

Shannon Leto: Oh, to be a teenager so cool! I’m mentally going back to the past. Of course, the poster I had posters of Pink Floyd, posters of naked chicks,anatomical bodies, world map, solar system, a poster advertising the Canadian beer “Moose head”, a picture of two skeletons fucking, the famous portrait of Einstein and so on. And I had around the room a number of empty beer bottles. In a word, solid eclecticism.

Antoine Becks: I had  different crap when I was a teenager, so on my walls was psychedelic – graphic design, spiral tunnels, shades of colors, some 3D-pieces, and I used to sit for long periods and stare at them. I was then ravers, loved techno music and the movie “Star Wars”. I had a friend who was a good artist and  he painted for me Yoda in the form of ravers. That is on my wall was a Yoda-raver, who was holding a ball of energy, CRAZY! This is the most sickest thing I’ve ever seen. (Laughs) What a shame!

If you could send a message to aliens, what would it be?

Shannon Leto: I would say the only thing, “Stay away from the”McDonald’s ! It is better to try the soup! “

(credits: Translation: fans-of-antoinebecks.
Video: TALK TO ME Project.
Source: )


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