A call to Arms message to the Echelon! via @echelondonates


help us raise $20,000

HELP j/p hro to continue their work 

“J/P HRO was founded by Sean Penn immediately after the 2010 Haiti earthquake. J/P HRO is managing programs in Camp Management, Medical, Rubble Removal, Community and Education, Redevelopment, & Emergency Response Operations. From the beginning they have been a leader in responding to the urgent needs of the Haitian People, while relentlessly pursuing sustainable solutions for development. They believe that emergency relief in Haiti goes hand-in-glove with economic development & reconstruction. When you donate to J/P HRO, you are directly improving the lives of Haitians.”

We are aiming high & when you aim high & reach milestones you have to celebrate! When we achieve our first $5000we will be giving away one of Jared’s Haiti Photo Books! When we reach $12,000 we will give away another Haiti Photo Book! When we reach our goal of $20,000 we will be giving away one last Haiti Photo Book and a few other surprises!! When we are getting close to our goals we will let you all know how we will be giving away the Books! #CLUES: DONATE/PARTICIPATE

So spread the word, spread the link to our fundraising site – post it on as many pages of Facebook as you can find. Tweet it to everyone following you on Twitter. Tumblr it until it can no longer tumble & Send it to everyone in your email!

If you cant personally give money… Click and “Save Image” copy the AVATAR below, print it out and use it as a label for a can/bucket/anything and go collect in your school, work, shopping complex…. Anywhere you can think of! Do what you can to raise as mush as you can! Even if you have to go back to the Old School ways and sell lemonade on the street corner like our grandparents use to do! If you are going to do this we are creating a Collection Pack.  Just send us an email saying you are interested in raising money this way and we will get back to you & if you have any questions you can reach us at: info@thisisacalltoarms.com

thisisacalltoarms full link <<<<<<Click it


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