Sun symbol explanation during Jared Leto Olympic vid t-shirt article



the inner sig rune symbol should be familiar to Echelon

Nazi Vril Society Schwarze Sonne

The  Vril Society  was formed by a group of female  psychic  mediums led by the Thule Gesellschaft medium Maria Orsitsch (Orsic) of Zagreb, who claimed to have received communication from Aryan aliens living on Alpha Cen Tauri, in the Aldebaran system. Allegedly, these aliens had visited Earth and settled in Sumeria, and the word Vril was formed from the ancient Sumerian word “Vri-Il” (“like god”). A second medium was known only as Sigrun, a name etymologically related to Sigrune, a Valkyrie and one of Wotan’s nine daughters in Norse legend.

Members of the Vril Society are said to have included Adolf Hitler, Alfred Rosenberg,  Heinrich Himmler,  Hermann Göring, and Hitler’s personal physician, Dr.  Theodor Morell. These were original members of the Thule Society which supposedly joined Vril in 1919. The NSDAP (NationalSozialistische Deutsche ArbeiterPartei) was created by Thule in 1920, one year later. Dr. Krohn, who helped to create the Nazi flag, was also a Thulist.

With Hitler in power in 1933, both Thule and Vril Gesellschafts allegedly received official state backing for continued disc development programs aimed at both spaceflight and possibly a war machine.

After 1941 Hitler forbade secret societies, so both Thule and Vril were documented under the SS E-IV unit.

The claim of an ability to travel in some inter-dimensional mode is similar to Vril claims of channeled flight with the Jenseitsflugmaschine (Other World Flight Machine) and the Vril Flugscheiben (Flight Discs).

The Schwarze Sonne (Black Sun)

The Black Sun is a symbol of twelve grouped into ring shaped mirrored victory runes or three superimposed swastikas

Template for the icon is a similar floor ornament in the shape of a sun gear, which in the era of National Socialism by the SS in the North Tower of Wewelsburg was admitted.  The Black Sun is still an important symbol of recognition and compensation rechtsesoterischen to right-wing scene.

It is still to this day heavily associated with the Nazis, Neo-Nazi and a symbol of

the Occult.

“Jared debated whether to use it on the last album. He asked the Echelon and there

was heated debate over it. So many horrible associations and do the Echelon really want to look like a NEO NAZI CULT ?

Jared also considered naming a song Blitzkrieg (the way Hitler conquered Europe) Echelon also largely rejected this idea when asked by the band about how we felt about it ”

take from an interview to Jared Leto in 2006

wikipedia black sun symbol link  ( if you are interested it in read more about it click and read)

*Important Note: This is just an informative article, but we respect whatever Jared Leto wants to wear as individual*

(credits: sinitar, steelnglass )





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