@daikou is asking for the echelon help! #donate plz


Dai of the Hive is asking for the Echelons help

On Saturday, August 4, 2012 Dai of the Hive tweeted a link to her friend John LeCompt’s brother Jimmy’s page asking for donations to help offset the costs of their dad Chuck LeCompt’s cancer treatment. Some of you know I lost my oldest sister last month to lung cancer & many other Echelon have had to deal with their fair share of loss due to this disease.

A widely accepted belief with doctors today is stress weakens the bodies immune system. This will allow the cancer to get a stronger hold & make it harder to battle the disease. Imagine the stress of being faced with piled up doctors bills that can easily exceeding $50,000?

Let’s help Chuck LeCompt reduce his stress so he can use his energy to getting healthy & donate! As Lily of The Echelon House says, “Every little bit helps” is so true. Donate what you can & send positive thoughts to Mr. LeCompt.

To read what Jimmy LeCompt has to say about his dad & to donate, visit his page on You Caring here.

If you can’t donate you can still help by retweeting, reblogging or posting it on tumblr.
The Echelon are family & family takes care of each other.
By: Alicia Zen

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