Jared and Shannon Leto @HardFest 2012 !

I’ll guess few months ago every one read the article about HARDFEST tease video directed it by Jared Leto …

Jared Leto directs trailer for HARD Summer 2012. Has he captured the American Electro Zeitgeist?

Wed, 2012-01-25 16:32 | by Carles

Jared Leto can do it all. He is a singer, rock band leader, actor, alternative icon, fashion icon, deity in the majority of Asia, and director. He is widely regarded as The Most Alternative Man Alive. It seems like he is ‘spreading his wings’, looking 2 take on new challenges. He directed the ‘trailer’ for HARD SUMMER 2012. Hard is a popular electro festival rave brand that puts on some of the most important American electro raves in the world. They are the people who recently brought u HOLY SHIP: A Very DubLectro Cruise Ship.

Anyways, as u can see, Jared Leto really captured the zeitgeist of the American Electro Movement. Do u believe that modern rave culture is the last festival movement that embodies the spirit of Woodstock? This blipster does.

Do u want to go to a HARD event and ‘lose urself’?

If u were to die at any American music festival/rave, which 1 would it be?
Being trampled to death at Lollapalooza, or ODing at a random ass rave in a barn in the middle of nowhere?

Say what u will about Jared Leto as an actor/musician/artist, but maybe his true calling is directing commercial clips 4 clients….

Leto usually directs under the name “Bartholomew Cubbins.” Do u feel like Jared Leto ripped off the work that Bartholomew Cubbins did for the epic 30 Seconds to Mars video for “Closer to the Edge.”

Do u appreciate the way that Jared Leto uses the power of the ‘random ass teen fan interview’ in order to convey the spirit of youth and hope in his videos?
Does it make u wanna go to HARD SUMMER 2 see a #JaredLetoDJset?
Is Jared Leto the voice of every generation?


I wish I could just go 2 Tommorowland…
Get lost…
It looks like Electro Utopia…

What is the greatest modern rave in the world?
Did Jared Leto ‘nail it’ or does he need to ride more fantasy-waves?

 So after all …. Leto’s brothers @ HARDFEST  in LA …!!!!!!!!!
LOS ANGELES, CA – AUGUST 04: (EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE)Jared Leto attends the HARD SUMMER Music Festival 2012 Day 2 at Los Angeles State Historic Park on August 4, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic)
and few more pics of  Jared and Shannon brothers with fans (echelon)
(credits in the pics )
Meeting Jared at HARD SUMMER by jared-trolls-me

Okay, not gonna lie, one of the main reasons I was excited to go to HARD SUMMER was because I figured Jared was going to be there.

I wore my Death By Flash shirt to the festival, and right as I was walking in, the girl at the gate said “Nice Death By Flash shirt! He’s here right now.” I was like fjdslafd “Do you know where he is?” But she said she wasn’t allowed to say haha.

So Maggie and I watched some of the acts, but then I started feeling light-headed in the crowd, so we went to go sit on a little hill in the back. While we were sitting, out of NOWHERE, here comes Jared and Jamie. I squealed A LITTLE, but then I calmly walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and I said “Hi!” and he was like “Hey!” and then he noticed my shirt and was like “We’re wearing the same shirt!” I laughed and said “Haha yeah dude, we match!”

I asked him for a pic and of course he didn’t even hesitate to say yes. After the picture, he was like “Can I take a picture of you?” and I was like fjdksla;dWFEWALFDJ because I was wearing the Death By Flash shirt. lol omg I felt like an idiot because I didn’t know how to pose. Then he took a picture of Maggie because she was wearing black Testas 🙂

He turned away to talk to his friends after that, and I went back to put my camera back in my purse. But I felt like I needed to just talk to him one more time, so I went up to him and said “I’m so excited for the new album and Artifact. I live in Indiana, so I think I’m going to drive up to Toronto to see Artifact.” As I was saying this, he put his arm around me and said it was great that I was going to go see it. Then went out of his way to give me and Maggie a hug. He was the biggest sweetheart ever.

So yeah.

That happened.

It seriously feels like a dream.

I’m still not convinced it actually happened.


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  1. Great note! and so happy for you!!!!! xo 😀

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