Happy BirthDay Jared Leto by @MTVBuzzworthy

Enjoy your new set of brows, Jared Leto!

Happy birthday, Jared Leto! It’s hard to believe you’re 41! It’s even harder to believe you have no eyebrows! But you’re a very busy guy, occupying yourself with 30 Seconds To Mars, and Twitter, and being the world’s best vegan (this isn’t substantiated or measurable, but it’s a feeling I have, and my feelings are usually right), VyRT-ing (I love saying “Vyrt” — VyRT! VyRT! VyRT! IT WON’T HURT), and diving back into your acting career with your cross-dressing turn in Dallas Buyers Club, which required removing all of your body hair (eyebrows included), nipping, tucking, and whatever else it took to turn into a man turning into a woman. As a woman, I know how time-consuming hair removal can be. So, I decided to speed up the process and get you a brand-new set of brows. Happy birthday, bb!

+ Watch me and MTV News’ James Montgomery discuss Jared Leto’s eyebrows and more “Things In Pop Culture That Made Us Happy And Sad In 2012!”

Photo credit: Getty Images; Mr. Gif 

(Credits: http://buzzworthy.mtv.com/?p=178166 )


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