Wanna Hear Thirty Seconds To Mars’ New Song, ‘Up In The Air’? You’ll Need A Rocket Ship, Because It’s Premiering In Space by @buzzworthy

Thirty Seconds To Mars plan to send their new single, "Up In The Air" into space.

Thirty Seconds To Mars plan to launch their latest single, “Up In The Air,” into SPACE.

Speaking of things that baffle and amaze us about Jared Leto (besides his new back tattoo), here’s a fascinating nugget: Thirty Seconds To Mars has JUST announced that they’ll be… keep waiting for it… countdown: 10, 9, 8, 7… Ha, COUNTDOWN, geddit?? Anyway, Thirty Seconds To Mars has fittingly decided that tomorrow they will launch their latest song, “Up In The Air” (set to appear on their upcoming fourth studio album), into SPACE (which to us seems a little counterproductive since you can’t technically hear anything in space, but we digress).

Read more about Thirty Seconds To Mars’ space launch after the jump.


Scheduled for a Friday morning liftoff, “Up In The Air” will launch from from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station aboard a Falcon 9 rocket (which will also hold a “Dragon cargo capsule” filled with a some actual scientific space stuff — just in case you were thinking “That’s a lot of money to spend on sending ONE SONG into space”). The Falcon 9 will arrive at the International Space Station later in March, where astronaut Tom Marshburn plans to greet it/rock out to it as he digs through all that “scientific paraphernalia.”

Now, let’s not forget that Thirty Seconds To Mars aren’t the only musicians who have sent their music rocketing into the great beyond: Remember when Will.i.am broadcasted “Reach For The Stars” from Mars? (We know what you’re thinking — it makes way more sense for Jared’s crew to do their thing from Mars, but we guess will.i.am already kinda won that space race.) Also, we gotta ask, what format will “Up In The Air” be sent into space? As a CD? A tape? An MP3? An app? It’s worth asking! Everything’s in the cloud these days, sooo, we guess we just answered our own question.

Look out for “Up In The Air” when it drops FROM SPACE on March 18!

Photo credit: Thirty Seconds To Mars

(credits: http://buzzworthy.mtv.com/2013/02/28/thirty-seconds-to-mars-up-in-the-air-space-launch/ )


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