@30SECONDSTOMARS – JL confirms Australian Tour via @take40

30 Seconds To Mars’ Jared Leto Confirms Australian Tour Will Be ‘Sooner Rather Than Later’

30 Seconds To Mars' Jared Leto Confirms Australian Tour Will Be 'Sooner Rather Than Later'

03 April 2013

We JUST had 30 Seconds To Mars front man Jared Leto in the Take 40 Studio, and he gave us all the latest details on the band’s upcoming Australian tour!

Jared announced on The Project last night that 30 Seconds To Mars willdefinitely be coming back to Australia soon, and while he wasn’t able to drop any specific dates he definitely did hint that his Aussie Echelon wouldn’t have to wait too long.

The singer/performer/actor/director/producer/artist (did we leave any out?) said that he’d be back with the band ‘sooner rather than later,’ and that he’s pretty sure that the tradition of the golden tickets will continue. This means that fans will be able to meet the band if they want!

The 30 Seconds To Mars’ official Twitter account also sent out a link for the Frontier Touring mailing list earlier today, a well-known Aussie and New Zealand touring company.

Jared also had some awesome things to share about 30STM’s upcoming record ‘Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams’ and also revealed that he’d spent this morning designing condoms to give out at Coachella! Interesting stuff!

Check out all the photos from Jared’s Take 40 visit!

Jared_Leto_IV_30_seconds_to_mars_1_640x360 Jared_Leto_IV_30_seconds_to_mars_2_608x456 Jared_Leto_IV_30_seconds_to_mars_3_608x456 Jared_Leto_IV_30_seconds_to_mars_4_608x456 Jared_Leto_IV_30_seconds_to_mars_5_342x456 Jared_Leto_IV_30_seconds_to_mars_6_342x456 Jared_Leto_IV_30_seconds_to_mars_7_608x456 Jared_Leto_IV_30_seconds_to_mars_8_342x456 Jared_Leto_IV_30_seconds_to_mars_9_342x456 Jared_Leto_IV_30_seconds_to_mars_10_342x456 Jared_Leto_IV_30_seconds_to_mars_11_608x456 Jared_Leto_IV_30_seconds_to_mars_12_608x456 Jared_Leto_IV_30_seconds_to_mars_13_608x456 Jared_Leto_IV_30_seconds_to_mars_14_608x456
Stay tuned to take40.com for the full interview, and in the meantime, check out 30STM’s latest single ‘Up In The Air’ below!

(credits: http://www.take40.com/news/38899/30-seconds-to-mars-jared-leto-confirms-australian-tour-will-be-sooner-rather-than-later )

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