Casual Celebs [Jared Leto ]at Day One of Coachella via @socialitelife


Casual Celebs At Day One Of Coachella: Kellan Lutz, Jared Leto & Leonardo DiCaprio

There’s something about the heat and the music that makes celebrities feel completely at ease when attending the annual Coachella Music Festivalin Indio, California. And that certain something just might be the consumption of copious amounts of alcohol and drugs.

n any case, while these stars are doing their best to avoid heat stroke, let’s enjoy the resulting skin being shown off by hot Twilight star, Kellan Lutz. In a striped tank top that shows off some of his best assets (ahem, please note the arm and shoulder region), Mr. Lutz is practically begging Coachella concert attendees to take their eyes off the stage to check out his personal gun show.

On the other end of the spectrum, 30 Seconds to Mars rocker and actor, Jared Leto, is looking trim albeit quite schlumpy in his t-shirt with his longish hair pulled back. For those in a nostalgic mood, he could pass for his My So-Called Life character, Jordan Catalano in this 90s grunge rocker get up.

As for The Great Gatsby star, Leonardo DiCaprio, he’s at least looking like he’s attempting to keep a low profile with a simple button-down plaid shirt and a newsboy cap pulled down low over his eyes. This is a man who likes to dress simply and jazz up his ensemble with the best accessory a man can have–a 20-something, exotic supermodel on his arm. It really does pull together any outfit.

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