Echelon Donates Fundraiser for Boston Marathon Victims via @EchelonDonates

Echelon Donates Fundraiser for Boston Marathon Victims

Apr16by EchelonDonates


Normally we run campaigns to raise funds in honor of 30 Seconds To Mars birthdays. We promote environmental causes along with animal rights and humanitarian needs. We’re stepping out of our normal donation practice to ask you to help those injured from the deplorable senseless slaughter from the bombing at the Boston Marathon.

It will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for surgeries, hospital stay, medicine and prosthetic devices during their recovery. We’ve contacted Tyrone of Massachusetts General Hospital who manages the Community Health Division to see if there was something we could do. We’ve decided to create 3 Crowdrise accounts to raise funds for the three hospitals (Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital & Brigham and Women’s Hospital) that took in the injured.

Echelon Donates has no access to the donations what so ever. Crowdrise accepts the donations and transfers the funds directly to the recipient hospital.

To donate please visit our Crowrise profile found here and choose which hospital you’d like to donate to.

Thank you in advance for your warmth and caring.

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