Jared Leto VyRT Chat in Berlin [6/4/13] via @xTabbyKatt

Anyone miss the VyRT chat with Jared today?! It’s all here:


J: hello
J: Im in Berlin where r u?
J: Whos coming to see us play this summer?
J: we have our first show with full production tomorrow in Poland!
J: hows everyone liking the album? had time to spend with it?
J: Thaaaaaaaaaaanks
J: Please tell your friends, word of mouth is the best advertising in the world and we need all the help we can get
J: in some ways we are still a small band that nobody knows about
J: the new songs feel great live
J: the echelon is growing
J: who is coming to the hollywood bowl? We should have a big meet up
J: What do you think the new single should be?
J: Everybody go vote on the next single!
J: Should I cut my hair off?
J: My beard?
J: Marshawk?
J: I know! Hurricane soccer mullet
J: Come to the LA show if you can. will b an important one
J: hwy what color tees do you want at the concerts?
J: Black or color?
J: any requests for VyRT?
J: we will VyRT Artifact!
J: we r thinking of doing a live premiere and offering streaming and downloading or both
J: We r still finalizing prices but will be in line with Itunes download
J: we are going to do it like Kickstarter
J: If enough people sign up to buy a DVD then we will make them, if people want to come to a theatrical screening etc
J: and will make everything in advance so there isnt a long wait like for the books etc
J: we turned a deal down. It felt too much like a record deal and we decided to release it ourselves
J: A risky move but we are betting on ourselves and on all of you to support us
J: what other goodies would u like with the VyRT premiere?
J: We may do a few screenings for time zones etc
J: and have one live commentary, another one an acoustic song after, etc
J: yes maybe we can do a VIP adult type convo about the film but how do we keep it small except chargin more?
J: hmm
J: Well i just finished rehearsal
J: headed back to Berlin
J: gonna take a run
J: and eat
J: Shannon and Tomo have already headed back to the hotel
J: I stayed behind to chat with u crazy freaks
J: Sometimes when things get difficult i think about all of you and i get inspired again
J: thanks so much for the support on LLFD!
J: see you soon!

(credits:  @xTabbyKatt and @madexinxheavenx )


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  1. I feel so stupid but where is the chat room on Vyrt??

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