Thirty Seconds to Mars | Impact Fest 2013 [6/5/13]

impact fest2013


polandgold gold


  1. (Ext. Outro)
  2. (Stopped and restarted at final chorus)
  3. (Tour Debut)
  4. (Live Debut)
  5. (Live Debut; w/ acrobats)
  6. (Special Version)
  7. (LLFD Tour Version)
  8. (Guitar Intro) << live feed from the band !

Pre – Show Signing 

pres1 pres2 pres3 pres4 pres5 pres6 pres7 pres8 pres9

During the show … Impact Fest ! 

if1 if2 if3 if4 if5 if6 if7 if8 if9 if10 if11 if12 if13 if14 if15 if16 if17 if18 if19 if20 if21 if22 if23 if24 if25 if26 if27 if28 if29 if30 if31 if33 if34 if35 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA if37 if38 if39

Video Links …

(credits: steelnglass,, youtube and Instagram users )


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