Jared and Shannon Leto at Sunday Times Magazine [6/9/13]




Relative Values: My brother has been to some very dark places

The Hollywood actor and rock star Jared Leto and his brother talk about how art and music saved them from drugs and prison

Ria Higgins Published: 9 June 2013


Jared 41

Mom had my brother, Shannon, when she was 17. She had me 18 months later. At that point, she was living in Louisiana, and it wasn’t long before she knew she wanted to get out. Grabbing me and Shannon in one arm and a fist full of food stamps in the other, this teenage single mom of ours headed up north to Massachusetts.

(credits: http://www.thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/Magazine/relative_values/article1267084.ece )

stm1 stm2 stm3

(credits: rocknrollpornography scans)


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  1. Darling, just to let you know that I’m using those scans for a post that I made in Tumblr, I give you te credits so to rocknrollpornography scans. Here is the link: http://onlybelieveinmusic.tumblr.com/post/54466797862/so-yeah-after-this-time-without-knowing-about

    Thanks a lot for that scans, I couldn’t find them.


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