Echelon South Florida  is a site designed to promote the band 30 Seconds to Mars here in the shinny  Florida & around the world.

We are committed echelon that love the band and support them.  The site also inform, entertain and deliver the latest news between Mars & echelon.

  1. Hi there… there are several pictures that are being passed around that are rooted at your site and are giving credit to you as the taker when they belong to my good friend Jennifer Morin….Can you please correct this?

  2. Hi Echelon of South Florida

    I saw you liked my pics from Highland enough to put them up on your site. There is also one of mine in your Tahoe pics its black and white…. I was just wondering if you wouldn’t mind crediting me in them my name is Jennifer Morin and my twitter name is morin11a. Thanks

  3. Stephanie Andrade

    Hi There!
    Great blog! I saw MARS in Montreal three times…was a Zombie Nurse. I was in Tahoe…that’s me…the Hurricane Girl Bunny Bum Bum! Honored! Keep up the good work!!!

  4. Aloha!
    Loved the show last night in HNL, 30 Seconds to Mars was awesome!
    That said, I have a request: You took 18 of my photos from Nonstop Honolulu (the last two photos in the post of my friend Caleb and Jared are also mine). Thank you for linking back to Nonstop, but could you please credit us correctly? http://www.NonstopHonolulu.com has nothing to do with Hawaii Review. Can you also credit me correctly for the other two photos?
    Thank you!

  5. I have a huge request. Do you have video of testing the lab 2? Would you like to share it? I would love to watch it, but I can not find anywhere. Please, contact me by e-mail. Thank you!

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