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Jared Leto by CAA Speakers


Musician, Actor, Director, Producer, Artist, and Businessman Jared Leto is a unique individual who has achieved great success across many creative fields.

Known for his bold choices and intense, transformative performances as an actor, Jared Leto’s big screen presence was established in his compelling portrayal of a delusional heroin addict in Darren Aronofsky’s critically acclaimed Academy Award winning drama, Requiem for a Dream. He has also had the privilege to work with directors like David Fincher, Oliver Stone, Terrence Malick, Andrew Niccol, and Jaco Van Dormael.

As the lead singer and songwriter of Thirty Seconds to Mars, Jared has sold over 5 million albums worldwide and is the driving force in a truly global brand. Selling out arenas internationally, Mars has sold over (?) Tickets, toured for over two years straight winning the Guinness Book of World Records title for the most shows ever played for a single album cycle. Additionally, the band has the longest running single of the alternative chart ever with their song, “The Kill.”

As a director under the pseudonym, Bartholomew Cubbins, Jared has earned (how many) VMA nominations and (how many?) wins, including the 2010 VMA for Best Rock Video for “Kings & Queens” and an MTV O Award for “Hurricane” (update this). With over 150 million views on You Tube, these cinematic clips have become a massive part of the bands success.

In 2009, Jared started a digital guerrilla marketing company called The Hive.

Working both online and off they have set a new standard of audience interactive marketing inventiveness, and social media management.

Whether a launch of 2000 different album covers with fans faces on it or creating an interactive social recording experiment called The Summit in association with Twitvid where fans became a part of the album process, The Hive is creating along the front lines of the intersection between art and technology.

Jared is a leader in music and digital media and their connection with an emphasis in that place where online and off line collide.

On the philanthropy side, in 2007 Jared directed a video for a song called “A Beautiful Lie” which shot 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle to raise awareness about global warming and the impact on Inuit culture. He then launched which speaks about current environmental and social issues. Out of this, the band built the EnvironmenTour, an eco-friendly way of touring for artists to minimize waste. After the devastation of the earthquake in Haiti, Jared traveled to the region to volunteer and in turn created a photography book of his travels to raise money for the impoverished nation. As a child, Jared lived for a short time in Haiti so the country has always been close to his heart.

When he’s not on tour, Jared is based nowhere, since he’s always on tour.

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